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Web Portals

Web Portals

Website development has evolved. Your business website is no longer simply an information repository. It is the nexus of your entire business enterprise. Over the years, we have developed functional, user-centric websites that drive business specializing in enterprise business portals, e-commerce, CMS and CRM solutions.

One of the most critical challenges facing business today is ensuring their websites and all features function across any platform. This is especially critical as people spend more time accessing the internet from mobile devices than from desktops. We have extensive experience with responsive design, including cross-browser compatibility and meeting (or beating) the latest Web standards. We also use open source web technologies to ensure you will be able to modify and expand your site functionality without spending a lot.

Our web solutions support your business intelligence and mobility plans as well. We develop web portals that provide customers, partners and employees access to your enterprise from any web browser or devise. Our cloud computing expertise allow you to explore Software as a Service and other converged solutions—whether you want to look at a public cloud, private cloud or hybrid solution.

When your BI strategy is properly implemented, users are able to make informed decisions every time, in every situation.

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