React Native

What is react native?

React Native is an open-source framework by Facebook that lets developers build mobile apps using JavaScript and React. It simplifies cross-platform development by supporting iOS and Android with one codebase. With native components, it offers great performance and a native-like experience. It also allows developers to use familiar web technologies, speeding up development and promoting code reuse across platforms.

React native evolution:

React Native continues to advance in several key areas, driven by ongoing updates, community contributions, and industry trends. Some notable advancements include:

Performance Enhancements:
React Native has seen significant performance improvements, with updates like the Hermes JavaScript Engine and optimisations in rendering and memory management, resulting in faster startup times, smoother animations, and reduced memory footprint.

Native Module Support:
Continued enhancements to React Native’s native module system enable easier integration of platform-specific code and access to device capabilities, allowing developers to leverage native functionalities seamlessly within their applications.

Cross-Platform Capabilities:
React Native’s cross-platform development capabilities have evolved, providing better support for building applications that look and feel native on both iOS and Android platforms while maintaining a single codebase for easier maintenance and updates.

Tooling and Developer Experience:
Improvements in developer tooling, including better debugging support, hot reloading, and error handling, enhance the development experience and streamline the debugging and testing process for React Native applications.

Community Contributions:
The React Native community continues to grow, contributing to the ecosystem with new libraries, components, and tools that extend the framework’s capabilities and address various use cases, fostering innovation and collaboration within the community.

Integration with Web Technologies:
React Native has evolved to better integrate with web technologies, allowing developers to share code and logic between web and mobile applications more seamlessly, promoting code reuse and efficiency across platforms.

Accessibility and Inclusivity:
There’s been a focus on improving accessibility features in React Native, ensuring that applications built with the framework are accessible to users with diverse needs and abilities, thereby promoting inclusivity and compliance.

React Native Declarative Approach:

In React Native development, the prevalent practice of declarative programming prioritizes specifying the desired UI state and data flow over directly controlling DOM manipulation. This methodology empowers React to efficiently handle the complexities of UI rendering and updates. Developers can focus on defining the “what” instead of the “how.” By describing the desired UI appearance using component state and props, React automates the rendering procedures. This declarative approach simplifies code structure and fosters a clearer understanding of how UI changes impact the application.

Apps that we built:

At OnCare360, we used the React Native to create a robust and user-friendly health care app. Here’s how we utilised this technology. React Native allowed us to build a single codebase that seamlessly runs on both Android and iOS platforms. This not only saved development time but also ensured consistent experiences for all users. And we achieved near-native performance. The app feels responsive, smooth, and familiar, just like a native application and modular architecture enables us to reuse components across different screens. This streamlined development, maintenance, and updates. We tapped into device-specific features by integrating with native APIs. Whether it’s accessing sensors, handling push notifications, or utilising camera functionalities, React Native made it possible.

One of Our fitness app developed using React Native is URFiTAP. Access to real-time schedules for fitness classes, yoga sessions, and personal training at your favourite fitness centre. Never miss a workout or class! Our app sends timely reminders for sessions.

 Expected React native new features in 2024:

As we anticipate 2024, React Native is poised to continue its tradition of delivering unparalleled efficiency and performance in mobile development. With upcoming advancements, the framework is likely to introduce new cutting-edge features, building on its evolution and aligning with industry trends.

React Native apps are expected to experience improved performance, including faster startup times, smoother animations, and optimized memory usage, thanks to the integration of modern JavaScript engines like Hermes and enhancements in JavaScriptCore.

It is expected to integrate ESNext features such as async/await and optional chaining more deeply, empowering developers to write concise and robust code, ultimately improving code readability and reducing development time.

Expect React Native to introduce new APIs that provide consistent behavior across iOS and Android platforms, reducing the need for platform-specific code. Additionally, anticipate advancements in integrating web technologies with native components, resulting in more web-like experiences within mobile apps.

It is poised to enhance developer experience by introducing new tools and improvements, such as enhanced hot reloading, debugging, and CLI options. Furthermore, seamless integration with popular development environments like Visual Studio Code and GitHub Codespaces will further elevate the developer experience.

It is anticipated to prioritize sustainability and accessibility by introducing features and guidelines aimed at developing energy-efficient apps accessible to a wider audience, including individuals with disabilities. This initiative may involve the implementation of new APIs for improved battery management and comprehensive support for accessibility features such as screen readers and voice navigation.

As dedicated members of the React Native community, we engage in various impactful activities:

Contributing to Core Development:
We actively contribute to enhancing the React Native framework by submitting code, bug fixes, and feature proposals to the core development team.

Sharing Knowledge and Support:
We help and share our expertise on platforms like Stack Overflow and Reddit, helping fellow developers overcome challenges and advance their React Native skills.

Organising and Participating in Events:
We organize and participate in local meetups and conferences focused on React Native, fostering learning, collaboration, and networking opportunities within the community.

Creating Open-Source Projects:
We develop and maintain open-source libraries, components, and tools for React Native, enriching the ecosystem and providing valuable resources for developers worldwide.

Improving Documentation:
We contribute to enhancing the official React Native documentation, ensuring clarity, accuracy, and accessibility for developers of all proficiency levels.

Educating and Mentoring:
We actively engage in mentoring programs and educational initiatives, guiding newcomers in mastering React Native and empowering them to excel in mobile app development.

Providing Feedback and Suggestions:
We actively communicate with the React Native development team, offering constructive feedback, reporting bugs, and suggesting enhancements to continually elevate the framework.

Through our collective efforts and commitment, we strive to foster a vibrant, inclusive, and innovative React Native community, driving its evolution and maintaining its prominence in the realm of mobile app development.


Success in React Native development relies on a solid grasp of core concepts like JavaScript, React, and React Native. It’s essential to prioritize responsive design, accessibility, and security when creating cross-platform applications. Rigorous testing, workflow automation, and active community participation are key for ongoing learning and improvement. Focus on scalability, maintainability, and user feedback to continuously enhance your React Native projects, ensuring they deliver top-notch performance and user satisfaction.





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