Data by itself is useless. Data is only useful if you apply it.

Data by itself

Data by itself is useless. Data is only useful if you apply it.

To think about it, Todd Park has explained it very rightly. Businesses today are churning out humongous amounts of data minute after minute, day by day. While data is being generated at a pacing rate, not much of it is put to the right use. With the rising need to be data-driven, businesses are looking at the evolution of data to bank upon. So how exactly does data enable businesses to take a leap forward?

Raw data is nothing but data which cannot be turned into information. Considering the data being thrown out by the systems today, one can easily point out the isolated data silos in an organization. To get the best out one’s collected data, the dots in the puzzle (data silos) need to be connected or as we say in technology terms, to be integrated.

With this integration, businesses can reap new data patterns, analyze the insights, and understand the trends in their data in a single point of data access.  The right technology aid and automated enterprise solutions thus enable businesses to get more out of their unused data. The evolution of data requires technology to walk hand in hand to drive businesses ahead.

Unlock the true power of your data with the right technology partner and transform your business to be Data Smart. What are your views on the evolution of data? Do you see a rising trend? Share your views in the comments section below.

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