Data integration
Data integration

Data Integration will be the biggest differentiator between success and failure

Businesses worldwide know and realize that​ ​data is the new currency. Yet, transforming vast amounts of structured and unstructured data into information, knowledge and actionable insight can prove daunting.

Data integration​ ​(DI)​ addresses this challenge and enables analytics tools  to produce effective, actionable business intelligence. Many valuable data-driven business practices depend on one or more forms of Data Integration (DI). Today, Data Integration is a fast-growing discipline that provides data for many types of applications, whether they are analytic or operational. In fact, some business practices aren’t possible without Data Integration.

Business practices such as operational BI or just-in-time inventory require  a data integration solution that can operate in real time or close to it. As the pace of business has accelerated, data integration has sped up to collect and integrate time-sensitive data at speeds unthinkable a few years ago.

At Dsmart, we help your business choose from a variety of powerful ​Big data integration tools that can contribute additional business value to data-driven practices. It’s worth remembering that​ Data Integration does, indeed, deliver business value.​ It provides aggregated, synchronized, current, and quality data for a wide range of valuable business processes and practices. A Data Integration solution isn’t always visible, but the valuable data it delivers and the resulting business value are.

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