Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) has come of age. It is no longer about giving your team access to websites where they can view data and run reports. Today, it’s about providing a consistent user experience across all application types—web, mobile, tablet—and platforms.

Actionable intelligence drives business improvements, single point of access to information and ability to make smarter business decisions. Our BI solutions include:

BI Strategy

BI is about much more than the technology that’s behind it. Developing a strategy and action plan before you bring technology into the discussion will help you define what you want to achieve, and how to do it.


When your BI strategy is properly implemented, users are able to make informed decisions every time, in every situation.

Social Intelligence

Businesses are focused on analysing internal data to extract insights not utilizing data outside their firewalls, such as social media. Customer conversations are happening on Social media. Integrating social and enterprise data gives unprecedented customer insights.

Our approach to social intelligence is to gather data from customer and enterprise social accounts. To make this data useful to you, we then comb it to clean and qualify the data so that the information you extract is actionable. Armed with this information, you have the ability to change the conversation around your brand—you can truly give the people what they want.

Benefits of Social intelligence:

  • Quick access to real-time data
  • Actionable insights
  • Social Listening & Monitoring
  • Social Engagement
  • Social Customer Care & Support
  • Social Risk & Crisis Management
  • Reputation Management

Data Warehousing and Data Visualization

Data alone does not help you. Data visualization and data warehousing are the bridge between the business and social intelligence you collect and your ability to compile actionable insights. Our tools let you analyze your data through user-friendly dashboards for agile reporting, operational BI, performance management, competitive and customer intelligence.

Traditionally, BI approaches separate transactional and analytical data—creating rigid infrastructures that make accessing dynamic data across the enterprise, the web and unstructured sources difficult. Our data virtualization and data warehousing deliver agile BI in a user-friendly dashboard tool at a fraction of the cost and time.

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